You may not know it, but you need C.P.R. from IDT

At IDT, we were the early pioneers of the Competitive Product Replacement programs. We worked with the leading Content Services and ECM software firms many years ago to co-develop software swap programs that minimize the finanical distress and disruptive nature of major software platform changes for an organization that had made previous investments in other products.

IDT offers CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE™ as an alternative to Oracle Capture, Captovation, Kofax and other document capture/scanning products. With the purchase of a 3 year SLA, IDT includes Epson DS-530 Workforce Scanners at no additional charge for each licensed user! To get the details on Epson DS-530 bundle with CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE™, click here!

With IDT's pre-approved CPR programs, we can hand craft and tailor a specific license swap program that will minimize the financial impact of new software licensing taking into consideration the complete picture:

  • Developing a Top Down 21st Century ECM Roadmap for your Organization
  • ECM Thought Leadership: Capture - Manage - Access - Integrate - Measure - Store
  • New Software Licensing
  • Evaluate Cloud, Hybrid Cloud vs On-Premise
  • Managed IT Services with emphasis on ECM
  • Subscription to Own Options
  • Professional Services to Implement
  • Services to Convert existing data and documents inclusive of Records Retention Considerations
  • Outsourced Document Scanning Services, Document Storage and Destruction
  • Ongoing Support Services, Training and Knowledge Transfer

CPR from IDT will bring your ECM Solution back to life!

Schedule an ECM Migration Analysis , valued at $1,600.00 from IDT!

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We got you Covered!

With over 27 years in the industry having performed many system implementations and ECM conversions you can trust that IDT will deliver for you and your organization!

Contact us today for competitive product replacement that minimizes the costs to your business. We proudly serve clients throughout the nation.